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A great modifications to the popular trapped air indicator.  Air-Locks are super easy to use.  Un-screw the nut.  Put your leader in the slit and screw the nut back on. Easily adjustable and doesn’t kink you leader.



Eco-friendly and straight-up darn effective. These strike indicators, constructed from natural cork are more buoyant than their synthetic counterparts, provide less surface friction for effortless drifts, and produce less splash thanks to their light weight. All that, and you can feel good about yourself for using an environmentally friendly product. Made in USA.

New Zealand Strike Indicator Wool


The ultimate in stealth indicators.  The New Zealand wool system is simple to attach, highly adjustable, and easy to see.  Plus, it casts like a dream. This indicator is a must-have for anglers that fish Spring Creeks or any river with crystal clear water.

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Orvis Insta-Set Indicators Fl. Red

A strike indicator that tells you where your fly and weight are located in the water column and indicates when you are at optimum dead drift. In yellow, fluorescent red. ¾”, ½”, 4 per pack. 1″, 2 per pack. Imported.

Palsa pinch-on-float indicator


Sometimes simple is the best option!  Just fold the indicator over your leader and pinch the self-adhesive sides together.  Great for light nymph work or doubled up for heavier rigs.

Turn-On Strike Indicator


The Turn-On Indicator has been a long-time favorite of ours for small stream fishing.  It’s light and easy to cast.  Simply place your leader in the slit foam and give it a few twists to secure its place.

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Using the same bright alternating colors as our indicator tippet, this coil lets an angler see a strike without tension building in the line. Micro perfection loops at both ends allow for easy attachment.