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3-D Molded Eyes


Similar to prismatic eyes. These peel and stick eyes have the added dimension of life-like countour and depths. This is the eye we use for the Murdich and Bart-O Minnow.

*Tip-We use the 5.0 Pearl for both the Bart-Minnow and Murdich. Use zap-a-gel to attach to the baitfish.



These are the loudest we could find. A glass rattle that is 4mm long will add that extra sound to any of your favorite fly patterns.

12 per pack

Bead Chain Eyes


Bead Chain Eyes are a great way to add a bit of weight and also give your pattern a durable eye. Commonly used on Boss’s and Comets for steelhead and salmon flies or smaller ones for Damsels in still water fishing. These are a critical component in shallow water bonefish flies.

Brass Cones


Cone heads are a must have on every tying bench.  Add weight to streamers and baitfish patterns to get your flies down to the fish.



These perfectly symmetrical eyes are machined from solid brass. Brass is non-toxic, and it’s more durable than lead. Their hourglass shape centers on the hook shank and helps provide secure positioning. 25 per pack

EP Gamechange Eyes


A totally different approach to attaching the eyes to the hook, especially when you use a brush. Simple lash in the EP™ GAMECHANGE EYES over the hook shank, a touch of Zap-Ca to secure it, then figure eight the brush, trim the fly and voilà.
10 Eyes per pack



I-Balz are machined from brass and use a durable enamel iris color with deep black pupils to achieve their super-realistic look. 12 per pack

Jurassic Eyes


These are my favorite molded eyes. They are incredibly realistic and durable. Perfect for any baitfish pattern. The Red/Gold look just like smallmouth eyes! Great for baby smallie patterns. 20 per pack

Killer Caddis Glass Beads


Killer caddis glass beads are the highest quality Japanese beads available. The uniform size, shape and color selection make these the beads of choice among serious fly tyers. Killer Caddis beads can be used to create an endless number of patterns including midges, nymphs, caddis and streamers. The beads come packaged in a handy reusable flip top container.

Lead Dumbbell Eyes


Solid lead eye in symmetrical hour glass shape. Narrow profile best for streamers. Self centering and easy to tie on. Pre-painted with black pupils. 10 per pack

Lead Free Wire


This is the perfect stuff for adding weight to any nymph, streamer or emerger pattern. Lots of sizes to choose from. This is completely non toxic and we encourage the use of this product.