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Big Pack Mallard Flank


Tons of applications from traditional catskill style wings to wet flys. These packs are very large with plenty of good feathers to choose from.



Beautiful iridescent blue feathers that can be palmered or stripped from the stem for tails, wings or whatever you can think of.

CDC -Ultra Select


Each fiber has thousand of tiny barbules that naturally trap and hold air bubbles. Perfect for use in a variety of patterns including nymphs, emergers and dry flies.

CDC Puffs


Softer and more supple than regular CDC. These feathers lack the obvious stem in standard CDC. Many uses such as midges, emergers and small still water comparaduns.

Goose Biots


These short, tapered quill fibers are used for tails, legs and antennae on many popular nymphs such as the prince nymph, hellgrammites, stones and wing cases on small nymphs.



Lady Amherst Tails


Cut from only the finest #1 grade center tails.  Many of the fibers measure out at over three inches long! The fibers add life to any long, webby pattern and are fantastic for intruders!  The fibers also look great as accent on marabou patterns. Ideal for large salmon fly patterns.  The pieces are approximately 5 inches long.

Quill Bodies


These stripped quills are perfect for tying all quill bodied flies. Soak them in warm water and build perfectly segmented bodies.