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#1 Streamer Rooster Neck


A very versatile and inexpensive neck.  We find these perfect for popper tails, traditional wings, larger dries or anything else you can dream up.  Great color ways in a good quality neck.

Indian Rooster Saddle Patch


If you have an interest in winged streamers, these Indian Rooster Saddle Patches are the coolest. Hackles are narrow, stiff and have a good taper. Use for small wooly buggers and large dry flies.

Whiting Pro Grade Combo Capes Grizzly/Brown


Whiting has unquestionably the best feathers in the business.  This pro grade half and half is the best neck for starting to tie dry flies.  From adams to midge this 1/2 and 1/2 Brown and Grizzly neck has you covered.