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Angora Goat Dubbing


Very popular as a seal substitute. this course spikey fiber has a unique translucency good for many smallmouth and steelhead patterns. Works fantastic in a dubbing loop.

Antron Sparkle Dubbing


This dubbing is the best Antron available. It adds a translucent & reflective property to any dubbed body. Use it by itself or experiment by adding it to other dubbing.

Cohen’s Carp Dub Dispenser


Well this stuff is cool! A perfect mixture of long and short fibers with fine rubber that is ideal for not only carp flies but for saltwater, bass and trout patterns. One of the most innovative dubbing we have seen in a long long time. This is a must try. The dispenser pack is the easiest way to sample a bunch of colors.



A long fiber dubbing with a sparkle binder, designed to build big, tough bodies that can be picked out for a shaggy appearance.

Crawdub Dispenser #1


This is a full dispenser of a long fiber dubbing with a sparkle binder, designed to build big, tough bodies that can be picked out for a shaggy appearance.

Dave Whitlock SLF Dubbing


Inspired by the demand for materials for the Whitlock’s Red Fox Squirrel Nymph. Dave put together a selection that will cover any insect you would want to imitate.

Fine & Dry


Absolutely the finest on the market, and used exclusively on dry flies. Permanently waterproof, with Antron® added for highlights and sparkle. Ties perfectly tapered dry flies down to size 28. If you’re searching for the ultimate dry fly dubbing, look no further

Hare-Tron Dubbing


Rabbit hair with just the right amount of antron. The antron adds just the right amount of “sparkle” to any pattern.

Hare’e Ice Dub


The same basic dubbing as the original Ice Dub but with the addition of Rabbit. More of a natural look to this dubbing with lots of sparkle and flash.

Ice Dub


This has been one of the sport’s most popular dubbings for tying both freshwater and saltwater flies. Great sparkle and dubs beautifully. This is a finely sheared mylar that is soft and dubs easily. With it’s sparkle and translucence, Ice Dub works well on it’s own or blends easily. One of our favorites!

Kaufman SLF Dubbing


The absolute best stonefly dubbing we can find. A perfect blend of unique colors and texture that is ideal for black, brown and golden stones.

Mohair Plus Dubbing


Larva lace mohair plus dubbing is a fantastic dubbing blend for lakes and rivers alike.  With a beautiful mix of mohair goat dubbing and angel hair, this material is long enough to dub leech patterns, but it can also be cut short to dub nymphs such as scuds, buggers, soft hackles, and caddis pupa.  This particular dubbing is best suited for dubbing loops, and can be trimmed and picked out to create very buggy looking patterns.  Larva Lace mohair plus dubbing is available in a bunch of great color variations and each package contains approximately 1.5 grams of material per bag.

Pure Silk Dubbing


Pure Silk Dubbing is a 12 micron or smaller fiber that allows you to easily tie size 18 and smaller flies, perfectly in proportion to body size. Silk dubs easily and can be spun onto thread so thin that you can barely increase the size of your tying thread. Pure Silk Dubbing is ideal for wings or drowned or crippled patterns as well as trailing shucks or emergers.