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3″ x 4″ Dyed Spinning Deer Hair


Late season hides graded for length (1 1/2″ to 3″), minimum underfur, good texture and straightness.  Suitable for a wide range of spinning applications.  This is the most premium spinning body hair we have ever found.

Arctic Fox Tail Hair


Arctic Fox tail has endless possibilities. This can be used for popper tails, steelhead wings or anything else you can imagine. This is very durable and has incredible movement in the water.

Bull Elk


Bull elk are exceptionally beautiful.  this is the blonde hair found on the elk flank.  We grade for tip quality, straightness and texture.  Just right for stimulators or classic elk hair caddis.

Calf Body Hair


A finer straighter version of calf tail. Easy to stack. Excellent for dry fly wings, tails and parachute posts.

Calf Tails


Classic material for split dry fly wings, parachute posts, hairwing wets, and a myriad of saltwater flies.

Cohen’s Creatures Attractor Tails


Another great American made product. Cohen went back to the roots of this idea and took inspiration from various soft plastics to create in my opinion one of the best twisting tails for fly tying.
XL…3 to a pack
L, M, S…6 to a pack

Cohen’s Creatures Frog Legs


Frog Legs….Made from the same material as the other creature bodies, laser cut ultra suede..made in the USA…use your imagination and markers to create the frog legs of your dreams..these can be used with foam or deer hair, attach them to the back of your favorite popper body, use the STP Frog foam frog cutters…there are no rules…get crazy and make a frog
Mini, Micro…8 legs per pack
XS,S,M,L…6 legs per package
XL…3 legs per package

Cohen’s Double Flutter Tail


Crayfish claws, frog legs, lizard legs…endless possibilities for these fluttering commotion makers…Small 2.5in, Medium 3in, Large 3.75
6 per package per size.

Deer Belly Hair Dyed Over White


Deer belly hair is great for spinning and flairing. It packs tightly and makes great bass/pike popper/diver heads. Bright vivid colors that are dyed over white belly hair.


We recommend using GSP thread for all your spinning. This thread is super tough and doesn’t slice through the hair like kevlar.

DEER HOCK – whole hock Natural


Our deer hock comes primarily form early season white tails. It is finely barred, with very short tips making it ideal for small comparaduns, sparke duns, emergers and caddis. Length varies form 1/2″ to 1″

EARLY SEASON COW ELK – 3 x 4 Natural


This hair comes from cow elk taken early in the fall during bow season. The summer hair is gone and the winter hair is coming in like carpet. Very rare! It’s fine diameter, stiffness, short tips and minimum compression make it ideal for smaller dries.