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Angel Hair


ANGEL HAIR is a very fine Mylar type material. With 6-8 inch strands ANGEL HAIR can be used for those big flies. ANGEL HAIR seems to come alive in the water and makes perfect wings on baitfish patterns. ANGEL HAIR blends well with most other materials for dubbing and it doesn’t absorb water, so large flies dont get heavier. If you like stuff that sparkles and glitters it just doesn’t get any better than this.

*Tip-The pearl gold angel hair is what is used in the Coffee Sparkle Minnow! It is put in a dubbing loop and wrapped around the hook shank.

Crystal Splash


A well used slightly twisted mylar with pearlescent undertones gives patterns that subtle flash. This is a staple pattern for warm water, trout and saltwater fly tiers.



Don’t hit the bench without it!  The original Flashabou is a standard material for adding glimmer and motion to any fly.  Also works well as a ribbing or wrapped abdomen on smaller bugs.

Flashabou Mirage Blends


Mirage Blend Flashabou is a blend of Opal Mirage and Original Flashabou. Mirage Blend has great light reflection and unmatched action in the water. Great color combinations.

Holographic Flashabou


Supple Flashabou in 3-D colors. This is a staple material for tons of flies. Thin flexible tinsel with marabou like action. Very popular as wing material on streamers. We also love it for making flashbacks, small scud backs or different colored midge bodies.

Krinkle Mirror Flash


The brightest and most reflective synthetic Mylar fly tying tinsel we’ve found. Creates a vibrant reflection of natural light on fly bodies. Baitfish fly patterns stand out even among schools of natural baitfish. Crinkles create the reflective sheen of scales.

Lateral Scale


A very durable larger cut Flashabou crimped for a scaled look and fluttering action.  Contains approximately 100 strands, 1/16″ wide by 10″ long.

Magnum Flashabou


Same great material as the standard Flashabou except it is 2 times wider, 2 times longer and 2 times stronger. Better material for BIG flies.