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1/8″ Sow-Scud Back


This is the best stuff we have found for making scud backs.  A flexible material 1/8′ thick that be easily stretched and pulled back for scuds or nymph wing cases.



Bodi-Strech is a soft stretchable latex style material that is flat like a ribbon. You can cut and slice it and makes a great shell back for scuds or even a wingcase on most nymphs.

Dura Skin


A very thin textured vinyl that ties in nice and can be used as wing cases, shrimp shells or wound for bodies.

Flash Back


Dyed Pearlescent sheets perfect for adding a bit of zing to your nymphs or scud patterns.

Swiss Straw


This synthetic material is the best choice to use in lieu of raffia. Makes great wing-cases, scud backs, and emerger wings for both caddis and mayflies.