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2 mm Fly Foam


A very high quality closed cell foam available in numerous colors. We use this for hoppers, Chernobyl ants and many other wiggly style of smallmouth flies. Use Super 77 to bond a few colors together.

Cohen’s Creatures Attractor Tails


Another great American made product. Cohen went back to the roots of this idea and took inspiration from various soft plastics to create in my opinion one of the best twisting tails for fly tying.
XL…3 to a pack
L, M, S…6 to a pack

Cohen’s Creatures Frog Legs


Frog Legs….Made from the same material as the other creature bodies, laser cut ultra suede..made in the USA…use your imagination and markers to create the frog legs of your dreams..these can be used with foam or deer hair, attach them to the back of your favorite popper body, use the STP Frog foam frog cutters…there are no rules…get crazy and make a frog
Mini, Micro…8 legs per pack
XS,S,M,L…6 legs per package
XL…3 legs per package

Cohen’s Double Flutter Tail


Crayfish claws, frog legs, lizard legs…endless possibilities for these fluttering commotion makers…Small 2.5in, Medium 3in, Large 3.75
6 per package per size.

Foam Blocks


This is our standard foam for forming block heads or for use with our popper cutters.

Block Dimensions

Furry Foam


Furry foam is great for tons of different applications.   This is the material for the Turneffe Crab and a host of other patterns.

Hard Foam Bream Popper Kit


Making your own poppers has never been easier. This kit includes pre-cut popper heads, kink shank popper hooks and instructions. Simply add your own tail, legs, etc. and start fishing.