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Barred Plume Piece


A few strands is all that is needed to spice up your flies. A great addition to intruders and other steelhead patterns.

Bleached and Dyed Peacock Sticks


These are unreal! The eyes have been bleached and dyed to perfection. These are not just the same old dyed over herl. The bleaching process gives them the look and feel of the natural herl without being brittle and stiff.

Jailhouse Marabou


Beautifully barred marabou blood quills in all the best fish-catching colors.  Mottled colors almost always out fish solids.

Mini Marabou


The mini marabou is great for streamer, nymph and emerger patterns.  Try this on the Yellow Fox for the over wing.  Great stuff.

Spey Plumes


2-4 inch Ostrich Plumes with a soft , windable or strippable center stem. Fibers can be cut from Stem and placed in Petitjean’s Magic Tool, or wound as they are for beautifully collard and patterned flies.

Strung Chinese Saddle Hackle


Saddle hackle is perfect for streamers, wets and popper tails.  Perfect for wooly buggers.  This is one of the top ten essential fly tying materials. A full 5-7 inches long.

Strung Schlappen


This is feather is close to the stung Chinese but much webbier. Great feathers for bigger wings and tails. The extra webb adds motion to all of your flies.