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3″ EP Craftfur Brush


This is definitely a brush that will create a fly out of the ordinary! Period. I started with the craft fur fibers, then a mix of three different EP™ FIBERS for the inner core and finished with the appropriate amount of EP™ SPARKLE with UV light reflection. The result? Once you wrap this brush in a hook you will have the inner core of one color and the outer core in a different color; glue in any of your favorite eyes and you’re good to go. The color combinations are endless from saltwater to freshwater. EP™ CRAFTFUR BRUSH will bring yours fly creations to a different level.
6 – Brush per pack

3″ EP Foxy Brush


Lifelike breathable brush – whether you are looking for lifelike movement and controlled sink rate for laid up Tarpon flies or a streamer pattern for Steelhead, Salmon, Trout or Stripers this brush will work equally well in both salt and freshwater. Its uses are endless; with the variety of colors and your imagination I am sure you will come up with dynamite fly patterns. With this combination I have given the tier an easy way to enhance the ability to bring out the lifelike action of flies. This breathable brush makes it a snap to bring out this action in all of your flies.
6 – Brushes per pack

Big Fly Fiber Curly


Straight or Curled, for large body flies with long tails in an extremely light, easy-to-cast fiber. Contains approximately 6 grams of fibers, 10″ in length. A must have fiber for all muskie, pike or warmwater fly tiers.

Big Fly Fiber Curly Blends


Straight or Curled, for large body flies with long tails in an extremely light, easy-to-cast fiber. Contains approximately 6 grams of fibers, 10″ in length. Crazy cool blended colors. A must have material for anyone tying big bugs.

DNA Holo-Fusion


This Blended material is semi translucent and has a perfect mix of holo chromosommme flash and DNA fibers. Perfect for Clousers or any Baitfish / Minnow type patterns.



Makes egg flies look more realistic. Many anglers are finding that the fish in their local streams have become conditioned…

EP 3″ Sommerlatte’s Grizzly Foxy Brush


It looks like the UV is the new era in fly tying materials; still there is a lot of debate on this issue and it is up to you to decide. EP has created this new UV BLEND FOXY BRUSH and as a result we did very neat and interesting flies that Snook, Tarpon and Redfish could not resist! I am sure you too will find this UV BLEND FOXY BRUSH has many uses, not only in saltwater but freshwater as well.
6 – Brushes per pack.

EP Fibers


Enrico Puglisi fibers are 10in length, amazingly translucent, and have an action between marabou and bucktail. Great for minnow patterns.


EP Senyo’s Chromatic Brush


Senyo  took the time to create the perfect brush for your favorite Steelhead, Salmon, Trout and any predatory flies that cross your mind. We all know Greg Senyo and all the work he has done creating new fly patterns especially for Steelhead. A sparse blend of Marble Fox tail, Finn Raccoon and EP™ SILKY FIBERS with the right amount of EP™ SPARKLE will allow you to build translucent, full motion, enhanced profile and robust features in your favorite fly. This chromatic brush is just perfect!
6 – Brushes per pack.



Micro Fibbets are really great materials for tailing slow and still water flies. They come in a range of colors to suit almost any pattern. They tie in easily and support the offering well on the water.

Fluoro Fibre


This is a fluorescent microfiber that will make any fly “light up” in the water. It is ideal for gills, lateral lines and becomes highly visible when tied with Polar Fiber or Slinky Fiber. Ultra-fine textured synthetic, very little bulk.

Neer Hair


Soft streamer hair wing material with VERY fine fibers. Compared to ‘other’ synthetic streamer material, NEER HAIR is easier to work with. 11″ long.