Ice Dub


This has been one of the sport’s most popular dubbings for tying both freshwater and saltwater flies. Great sparkle and dubs beautifully. This is a finely sheared mylar that is soft and dubs easily. With it’s sparkle and translucence, Ice Dub works well on it’s own or blends easily. One of our favorites!

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Holographic Chartreuse, Holographic Gold, UV Black, UV Gray, UV Hot Orange, Hot Yellow, UV Lt. Yellow, Olive, Olive Brown, Orange, UV Peacock Eye, Peacock, Peacock Black, UV Pearl, UV Purple, Red, UV Rust, Rusty Brown, Fl. Shell Pink, UV Shrimp Pink, Silver Holographic, Silver, UV Tan, UV Brown, Caddis Green, Chartreuse, Chocolate Brown, Copper, UV Pink, Pearl