Mohair Plus Dubbing


Larva lace mohair plus dubbing is a fantastic dubbing blend for lakes and rivers alike.  With a beautiful mix of mohair goat dubbing and angel hair, this material is long enough to dub leech patterns, but it can also be cut short to dub nymphs such as scuds, buggers, soft hackles, and caddis pupa.  This particular dubbing is best suited for dubbing loops, and can be trimmed and picked out to create very buggy looking patterns.  Larva Lace mohair plus dubbing is available in a bunch of great color variations and each package contains approximately 1.5 grams of material per bag.

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Spectrum, Orange, Brown Olive, Rusty Brown, Red, Green Olive, Purple, Turquoise, Black, Fire Orange, B.C. Brown, Burgundy, Chartreuse, Copper & Black