Suds and Streams Whiskey Tasting!

Streams and Suds Event: Green Bay TU members are invited to attend a Meet and Greet with Fox Valley TU and Tight Lines FFC – “Streams and Suds” event at The Libertine (209 N Washington St, Green Bay, WI 54301) on Weds May 23rd. Funds will be raised for Shawn Sullivan’s work crews and the event will run from 6PM – 9PM. Bring a friend, bring your wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.  TIm and Sarah Landwehr get a date night and we hope we see you there! 

Patagonia Adventure with Tim and Sarah Landwehr

The Patagonia River Ranch offers each guest something special.  A warm welcome on arrival finds you soon settled into your room, luggage stowed and a gourmet meal, before you embark on your first adventure.  You have many options before you…what will you decide to do?   Fishing is the draw and the fishing is fantastic!  With six different rivers in close proximity to the Lodge, each stretch you fish, offers endless angling opportunities.  The guide service operation is a well oiled machine – truly impressive to behold.  You’ll find that the scenery is reminiscent of our American West, without road…