Fly of the Month

Be sure to check out our Fly of The Month videos that we’ve put together to showcase a few of our favorite patterns. We invite you to check out our YouTube channel and be sure to hit subscribe. This will get you the Tight Lines instructional videos when we post a new one. We hope you enjoy.

From time to time, Tight Lines Fly Shop shop is lucky guest tiers visit us at the shop to tie his/her favorite flies for a wide array of waters and flies for everything from trout to bass to musky and more!

Adventure Fishing Travel

Join the crew at Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company on regional, national and international fly fishing adventures! From musky adventures in Hayward, Wisconsin to Steelhead trips on the Bois Brule River to the Deschutes River in the Pacific Northwest to the Agua Boa River in the northwest portion of the Amazon Basin, Brazil, Tight Lines is on a quest for adventure on the fly!

Fishing Schools and Classes

Tight Lines Fly Fishing schools will give you the skills necessary to become a successful angler.  Fly Fishing can be an intimidating sport, but with our comprehensive school, we’ll make it much more user-friendly.   Our classes are held to a limited number of students in order to ensure a student to teacher ratio that provides plenty of one on one attention.  This one day school takes place over approximately 8 hours-handouts, lunch, and refreshments are provided. Winter Fly Tying Classes Fly Tying 101- January 11, 18, and 25, 6-8 pm: Interested in learning the fundamentals of fly tying? If…

One Night Tying Classes – Monster Flies

By popular demand, this class will revolve around giant flies for Pike and Muskies.  Join Tight Lines manager, Charlie Piette, for this one night tying extravaganza.  The class will cover three patterns showcasing techniques poplular in the modern Essox game. Students will work on articulation, bucktail collars and heads, using u.v. epoxy, and fashioning synthetic minnow bodies.  Class includes use of tools and materials, handouts, and refreshments.  The flies tied in this class demand  a reasonable level of tying skill.  Prior experience is required.  Contact Charlie at the shop to reserve your spot. Date:  February 11th beginning at 6 pm  Cost: …

Tight Lines 2010 Guides Year in Review

Tight Lines 2010 Guides year in review. It’s October and it’s hard to believe I’m writing yet another Guide Year in Review. As I look back on the last couple years, I notice a common thread. Every season we run into some sort of adversity that our guides need to overcome. In 2008, it was heavy winds; 2009, marked the second coldest on record and this year – HUGE water. I have never seen the river with that much water in it. To give you an idea just how much water; I guided this spring’s pre-spawn with 590 cubic feet…